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Using SOCS co-curricular

SOCS co-curricular overview
SOCS Co-curricular: Activity Sign-Up for Pupils
Setting Rules for the Pupil Sign-Up Window
SOCS co-curricular: Registration
Report: Activity Club Attendance
Event Programme
SOCS co-curricular Termly Setup
SOCS co-curricular: Adding/Editing User Accounts
SOCS co-curricular: Changing your Password
SOCS co-curricular Main Account Holders
SOCS co-curricular: Login as a Pupil
SOCS co-curricular: Changing the Name of a Category
SOCS co-curricular: Moving Activities to Different Categories
SOCS Co-Curricular: Activity Club Rules and Settings
SOCS co-curricular: Reports
SOCS co-curricular: Cancelling or Postponing a Club
SOCS co-curricular: Use the same pupils & staff for every event
SOCS administrator - Term Dates Editor
SOCS Co-curricular: Categories and Activities Setup
SOCS Parent Login: Parent Help
SOCS co-curricular: Key Workers Bookings
SOCS Co-curricular: Opening a club to a specific group of pupils
SOCS co-curricular: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures
SOCS: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures
How to Synchronize Academic Timetables with iSAMS
How to Synchronize Academic Timetables with SIMS, SchoolBase or WCBS PASS/3sys
SOCS Co-curricular: Information for Parents
SOCS co-curricular: Information for Pupils
Syncing the Staff Calendar
SOCS Co-curricular: First Use Instructions
How do I become a Main SOCS account holder?
Setting Up and Editing your Staff List
Switching On, Setting Up and Maintaining your Activities
Adding Pupils to Activities, Clubs and Societies
Setting Up Event Timetables for Activities, Clubs and Societies
SOCS co-curricular Staff, Pupil and Parent Access to SOCS