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Using SOCS Sport

SOCS Sport web app for mobile phones
Athletics Meeting
SOCS Live iCalendar Feed
Adding Fixtures & Results
Cancelling or Postponing a Fixture
SOCS Sport Participation Report
SOCS Sport: Custom Operations
SOCS Sport Website Editor
Cancelling or Postponing Fixtures in Bulk
SOCS Sport: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures
SOCS: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures
Publishing/Unpublishing Fixtures
In-House Sport
Syncing the Staff Calendar
Getting Help & Support
Your Dedicated Sports Website
SOCS Staff Login
How do I change my password or registered email address?
The SOCS Sport Control Panel
Creating, Editing and Disabling SOCS Sport user accounts
How many user accounts can be setup?
How do I become a Main SOCS account holder?
Can the School have more than one Main account holder?
Fixture & Result Editor
Scoring systems for different sports
Switch Off a Team's Results and Points Scored
The Rowing Module
The Sports Calendar
When I visited my sports website for the first time I could already see several sports, teams and fixtures. How did they get there?
SOCS Sport - Integration with Twitter
Editing a Team's Name
Adding Sports and Teams
How do I delete a sport or a team?
SOCS Sport - Fixture Requests
Editing Fixtures
SOCS Sport - Setting the Fixture Venue
How do I delete a fixture?
How do I edit a block fixture?
Block Fixture Editor - Opponent Team Level
SOCS Sport - Fixtures with Twitter links
Playing Statistics
What's the difference between fixtures, events and competitions when adding these to my sports calendar?
Linking Fixture Lists to Personal Calendars (e.g. Outlook, iPad, Blackberry)
Removing Fixtures Lists from your Calendar
My school attends a lot of competitions can we add these to our fixture lists?
I can't find a sport that we play - can I add it to the list?
We take part in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Competitions with many schools (triangular matches etc.). How can I enter the fixtures and the results for these?
Team Kit Builder
The Sports Map Plotter
Opponent Maps and Links
Awarding Sports Colours
How and when can I start setting up my teams for next season?
How can I quickly setup my sports and teams for next year?
How do I edit an existing contact or add a new contact for sport?
How many action photographs can I upload?
How do I upload my team's photograph?
Adding Block Fixtures
Results Summary
How do I link my Sport and Calendar website to my school website?