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How can I quickly setup my sports and teams for next year?

Login to the SOCS control panel and click on the “Sports & Teams Fixtures & Results” button in the main menu.

Click the + Season Setup Wizard highlighted by the red arrow in screen shot 1 below. 

A summary of sports  for this and next season will be shown, along with further instructions - see screen shot 2.  Ensure to select the season you wish to setup the teams for using the Set Up teams for drop down list.

Follow the instructions to quickly set up teams for each sport for next season.

The process transfers data across from the current season.  The age level, team name, coach name, team kit and colours are transferred automatically.  You can then edit the team's details and add fixtures for your new teams in the usual way.

If you need to add a new sport and team you can add these in the usual way using the Add Sport or Add Team buttons.  If you do this remember to select the correct season in the edit screen.

Screen shot 1


Screen Shot 2


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