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What's the difference between fixtures, events and competitions when adding these to my sports calendar?

Fixtures added for your Sports & Teams will appear in the calendar on the date of the fixture.  All fixtures can have a result, a match report, up to 10 action photos and a team sheet (if the Team Sheet Builder module is installed).

Events are sport related but do not necessarily have to be an event at which a particular sport is being played by any of your teams.  For instance an event can be a sports dinner or a sports award ceremony or an international match that the school is attending and you want to see these on your calendar for planning purposes.  Note: You cannot attach team sheets to calendar events.

For competitions you might want to show house matches on your sports calendar, or the date of an important competition that the school is taking part in, such as a swimming or hockey festival, before you go ahead and add the fixture(s), timings, team sheets and other details to your sports calendar. You can therefore add competitions and then later add the fixture (or fixtures) for each of your teams attending in the usual way. Note: You cannot attach a team sheet to a competition.

For both events and competitions you can upload a document (in word or pdf format) for visitors to download.  Perhaps this document could be a programme or the competition rules.

To add Fixtures, Competitions or Events click the appropriate button in your sports calendar - see the screen shot below:

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