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My school attends a lot of competitions can we add these to our fixture lists?


To do this go to your sport and team and then add a fixture in the normal way.  When asked to select an opponent you can override the usual "search" and you can enter the name of the tournament manually. Help and instructions are provided on how to do this (via the “?” button) when you create the fixture. 

If you use Team Sheet Builder you can also add your selected team in the usual way.  Fixtures of this type are not linked to an opponent and therefore there will be no opponent venue location map in your "Opponent's Maps and Links" section on your sports website.

If you need to  specify the location to help parents find away conpetitions and tournaments then it is best to add a preview report to the fixture and which might include a short description of how to get there or a link to the competition's website or map.

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