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When I visited my sports website for the first time I could already see several sports, teams and fixtures. How did they get there?

If your opponents use SOCS sport then it is likely that fixtures will appear in your listings and probably the results too. You might also find fixtures and results from previous seasons. This is because when a fixture is created, either by yourself or by your opponent, the content management system automatically makes this available in yours AND in your opponent’s fixtures and results listing. The venue setting is of course transposed (Home becomes Away and vice versa).

You might also see Competition fixtures in your dedicated sports website and SOCS control panel going back many years if, for instance, the school has participated previously in the National Sevens, Daily Mail Cup & Vase, ESAA, ESSA, ESFA or ISFA competitions. It is important to note that Competition fixtures cannot be deleted although you can upload results, team sheets (if the school has Team Sheet Builder), action photos and match reports in the usual way. If your school participates in any competition covered by then you will also see links to the respective Competition Microsites appearing too. See more details about Competition Microsites and Competition Builder here >>>


a. Care should be taken when deleting fixtures.  All associated data attached to a fixture will be deleted such as the result, match report, action photos and team sheet (if the school has the Team Sheet Builder module).

b. Competition fixtures cannot be deleted, which have been uploaded by competition organisers using the Competition Builder module.