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SOCS Co-curricular: Information for Parents

Welcome to SOCS Co-curricular! This guide will help you understand how to log in and sign up for clubs and activities for your child.


How to login

First-Time Login

When you log in for the first time, you will need to activate your account. Please follow the instructions here.

Note: If your school has enabled Single Sign-On, you will be redirected to your school's login page (e.g., Microsoft, Google, MySchoolPortal). You won't need to activate your parent account in this case.


Need Help Logging In or Signing Up?

If you encounter any issues with logging in or signing up for clubs, click here for further assistance.


How to sign up for activities

Once your account is activated and you're logged in, you can access the list of clubs available for your child and sign them up.

If you have multiple children in the same school, you'll have the option to filter between them upon logging in (refer to the example screenshot below).


Calendar Tab: Click on the "Calendar" tab to view your child's SOCS timetable, which includes co-curricular clubs they have joined or signed up for. If your school also uses SOCS Sport and SOCS Music/Tuition, their fixtures and one-to-one lessons will appear in this timetable. You may also be able to view their academic timetable if your school has configured this.


Activities Tab: Navigate to the "Activities" tab to see a list of clubs available for sign-up. If the sign-up window is open, you can click "Add" next to the desired clubs to sign up your child. Once you've successfully added a club, a notice saying "added" will appear next to it. The club will also be visible on your child's calendar.

Important Club Information:

Invite Only: Some clubs may only allow staff to add pupils, and parents or students cannot sign up directly.

Parental Authorization: Certain clubs require parents to use their parent login to sign up during the designated sign-up window. Students cannot add themselves to these clubs.

Full Capacity: If a club is marked as "Full," it means it has reached its maximum capacity and is no longer available for sign-ups.

Club Preferences: Your school may have set up clubs based on preference. In such cases, you'll need to click "Set Preferences." After the sign-up period ends, the school will try to allocate first-choice clubs to students as much as possible, followed by second choices, and so on. For more details, click here.


Syncing the calendar

You can synchronize your child's SOCS calendar with your personal calendar (e.g., Google or Outlook) to receive live updates about clubs, fixtures, and one-to-one lessons. Any changes made to clubs or fixtures will be automatically updated in your personal calendar.

To sync the calendar:

1. Log into SOCS.
2. Click on the "Calendar Sync" button.
3. Click on the WebCal link generated by SOCS.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the syncing process. This will create a live feed of clubs and fixtures in your personal calendar.


SOCS Web App

If you're accessing the system on a mobile device, you can save it to your phone's home screen as a Web App.

The process of adding the Web App may vary depending on your device and browser. Here are instructions for Android and Apple iOS devices:

Android | Apple iOS