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How to Synchronize Academic Timetables with SIMS, SchoolBase or WCBS PASS/3sys

We have been working with Wonde, the MIS integration specialists, used by many of the leading edtech applications, to deliver a reliable, secure and streamlined data integration between your school MIS (SIMS/PASS/SchoolBase) and SOCS.
If you would like to sync pupil academic timetables into SOCS, you might need the help of the schools MIS and Wonde administrator (the same person/team that set the sync up originally).
Please update the permissions for SOCS in Wonde so that SOCS has the following:
• Periods read
• Classes read
• Lessons read
• Subject read
• Rooms read

This can be done in the Wonde dashboard.
Once permissions has been granted, please email and let us know.  We will then finalise the setup at our end.
If you have any questions please contact us or Wonde:
Tel: 0845 557 8749