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Help Topics / Co-curricular: Setting Up
SOCS Co-curricular: Opening a club to a specific group of pupils

This help article explains how to offer a club to a specific group of pupils during sign up. You can do this using the “Specific Pupils” rule.

In the Club Rules area, add the pupils you wish to include. By doing this, only those pupils or their parents will be able to see or sign up to this club:


  • If one or more year groups are selected then only pupils in those year groups will be able to sign-up for the club when they login. 
  • If no pupils are selected via the "Select Pupils" button then no pupils will be able to sign-up for this club. 
  • Invite only and year group settings are disabled when this option is selected. 
  • The "Specific Pupils" setting is not compatible with a "Preferences" sign-up. If the category is setup for Preferences then any pupils will be able to add preferences for this club if "Specific Pupils" is selected.
  • Staff can overwrite these settings and add any pupil to the club.


How does this differ to clubs that are Invite Only?

The pupils in an “Invite Only” club are selected by a staff member and pupils are not able to add themselves to this during a sign-up window. Whereas, using the “Specific Pupils” rule allows a certain/controlled group of pre-selected pupils to see and sign up to the club, should they wish.

The “Specific Pupils” rule is useful when you wish to restrict the visibility of a club to a certain group of pupils who can then choose the club. This differs to the “Invite Only” rule that allows all pupils to see that the club is on offer, but they can only be added to the club by a staff member. An example of an Invite Only club might be a compulsory 1st XV fitness session or an elite Music Ensemble, whereas a “Specific Pupils” rule could be a revision clinic for a particular subject, a subset of students from the school play or orchestra etc.