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SOCS Co-Curricular: Preferential Sign Up (Parent/Pupil Help)

When signing up for activities the school might choose to offer some clubs on a “first come, first served basis”, whilst other clubs might be offered based on your preferences. Assuming that the school is using the preferential sign-up method, the parents/pupils will have the option to rank the clubs they wish to attend within a specific category in SOCS co-curricular. The school will then endeavour to award as many first choice clubs to pupils as possible, followed by second choice, and so on.

Changes can be made to your club preferences when the sign-up window is open. When the sign-up window closes, preferences will be locked and the school will then run the Preferences Report to allocate the clubs. This process is conducted using a standard algorithm with oversight from the Co-Curricular administration team at the school.

Please see the instructions below to set your preferences.

1. Click ‘Set Preferences'

2. Set your preferences for each activity by selecting the order in the drop-down box. Once you have selected your preferences, click ‘Save’. You can set as many preferences as you like. The school might advise you as to what the minimum number of preferences to select should be.

When you are selecting preferences you may see that some clubs are shown as “unavailable”. This will be because you have taken part in the club previously and the  school wishes for you to select something new.


  • Any clubs where the preference is "Not set" will be set randomly to a value greater than the preferences they have already set.
  • You do not need to set a preference for every club, but you must not leave gaps in the preferences selected.  All numbers up to the highest preference you select must also be selected, i.e. if you set a club with a preference of "3", you must also set other clubs to "1" and "2".


3. Please note that you do not have to set preferences for every activity. As long as you make one choice (by setting one preference), then SOCS will randomise the rest of your preferences. In this case, you will always be allocated into an activity.

4. NOTE: Some activites might require you to set a preference, i.e they might be mandatory selections. You will not be able to save your preferences until you have assigned a preference to this activity. They will have a red asterix * next to them.


Information for pupils that do not want to attend activities other than those they have selected as their preferences:

  • If the school run an activities programme where you do not have to take part in an activity then you may notice that they have added an activity to cater for this. It is likely to be called something like “Going Home” or “No Activity”.
  • Ensure you select this activity as your final choice if you do not wish to be randomly allocated to an activity. If you do not add this as your final preference selection and you are unsuccessful in getting any of the activities you selected then then SOCS will randomise the rest of your preferences and you will be allocated into an activity within that category.

Once your preferences have been submitted, the school will inform you when you are able to log in to see what activities you have been accepted into.