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SOCS Co-curricular: Use the same pupils & staff for every event

When you are setting up a club you have to decide whether the club always uses the same register, or whether the register is different each week.

If the club always uses the same register, then leave the rule that states “use the same pupils and staff for every event” ticked. This will automatically add the same pupils to the register for every event scheduled for the club. If you ever add an extra session or recurring session to the club it will add the students to these new sessions.

For example, if the box is ticked and this rule is switched on, parents/pupils will be able to add themselves to the entire schedule for the club during the sign-up window. They will click ‘Add Activity’ and will be signed up to every session scheduled for the club.

On the other hand, if the register will be different for every session, then untick this rule.

This will allow the staff, or the parents/pupils during a sign up, to sign up to individual sessions for the club, rather than adding themselves to every session. This is useful for drop in clinics, talks and lectures, optional clubs, flexi-boarding, Wrap-Care etc.

In this case, the ‘Add Activity’ button in the previous screenshot will no longer be available; instead the parents/pupils will need to click ‘Add Event’ next to the individual sessions they would like to attend.

NOTE: If this box is left unticked and the club is ‘invite only’, staff will need to manually allocate students to the club registers. Instead of adding pupils to a club, you will need to add pupils to each event. You will no longer be able to add pupils to the club, therefore the ‘add pupils’ icon will turn dark grey and you will need to add pupils to each event. Please see the steps below for instructions on how to add pupils to club events.


1. Click ‘Active Activities’ and click the calendar icon to view the clubs schedule

2. Click ‘Pupils & Staff’ under ‘Editors’ next to each session and add the pupils