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SOCS Co-Curricular: Activity Club Rules and Settings

Schools can manage clubs by setting a series of rules. These rules will guide the future allocation of students and affect how the club behaves. To edit the rules for each club, follow these steps:

1. Login to SOCS Co-Curricular

2. Select ‘Active Activities’ in the left-hand menu.

3. To add the rules, open a category and click the pencil icon for a specific club you wish to edit/build the rules.





Rule descriptions

Day/Time Planning for Recurring Events - If the club occurs on a specific day each week, you can enter the day and time here. The details entered here will be automatically populated when you come to schedule the club. 

Cost – if there is a cost associated with the activity, enter the amount here. This can be per session or per term. This will also allow you to create a billing report.

First Come First Served – if you tick this box it will alert students and parents that the activity has a maximum limit. If the limit is reached it will lock the activity and no further students can sign up.

Invite Only – if this box is ticked, only a main user and activity staff members can make changes to pupils and staff for this activity. Pupils will not be permitted to add themselves to the activity.

Number of pupils – if you have set a minimum number of pupils, the activity will be highlighted if the minimum number is not reached. If you have set a maximum number, the activity will lock once the limit has been reached.

Parental Authorisation if checked then only parents using parent login can sign up to this club during a sign-up window. If the category is using preferences then this setting is ignored. This does not impact staff users adding a pupil to the club.

Available to year groups – if you tick ‘Year 8’ and ‘Year 9’, this activity will only be available to these two years. If you select ‘All Year Groups,’ then this activity will be visible and available to every year.

Notes – this box allows you to enter information about the activity which will be visible to parents/pupils when signing up. For example, “Come and join us for ballet club. Bring your ballet kit with you.”

Use the same pupils & staff for every event – tick this if the same group of pupils and staff will attend each event added to this activity, e.g. weekly chess club. Leave unchecked if a different group of pupils will attend each event, e.g. Weekend Trips where each activity register is different.

Record Dismissal – if you need to record when pupils are dismissed from events added to this club, tick this box. For example, events occurring at the end of the school day where the pupils are collected by parents. Pupils that are not dismissed will appear on the daily dismissal report.

Show clash alert with sports fixtures – if you would like sports staff (SOCS Sport) to see an alert when they add pupils to a fixture that is taking place on the same date as an activity, tick this box.

Specific Pupils – should you choose to offer the club to a specific group of students for sign up you can do using the "Specific Pupils" rule. In the Club Rules are add the pupils you wish to include and only those pupils or their parents will be able to see or sign up to this club.