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SOCS Sport Hub

The SOCS Sport hub provides a sports organisation responsible for schools in a Country, County, District, Region or Area with its own dedicated sports website and Content Management System (CMS).

The SOCS Sports hub can be setup for all schools affiliated to your organisation and to connect with the sport websites of member schools and Competitions Microsites.

An example SOCS Sports Hub can be found here: DASSA

With a domain name of your choice the sports hub website provides an ideal focal point for all of your member schools to help keep them informed about your sports, competitions and other calendar events.

The CMS provides the capability to upload calendar events, news, photographs, documents and other important information to the website, helping to keep everyone informed about what's on where and when.

An unlimited number of Competition Microsites can be supported by the SOCS Sport hub, with 10 Competition Microsite licenses included in the hub pricing.