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SOCS sport - Player Stats in the Result Editor

Schools who have Team Sheet Builder can now record the scoring stats and MVPs (Most Valuable Players/Players of the Match) for every fixture.  This is currently supported for the following sport types:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Water Polo
  • Cricket *scorecard editor to be ready for Summer 2015
    (MVPs for other sports to follow shortly dependant on demand)


If a team sheet has been added to a fixture, the result editor will include a table allowing you to specify who scored (see example 1 & 2 screenshots below).  To add points (goals/tries etc) to a player, click the plus icon in the necessary column.  To remove points, click the minus icon.  If the total points awarded in the Player Stats table does not match the total points for awarded for the main result, you will see an alert notifying you to check the result (see example 2 screenshot).  As you award points to players, the usual "...scored by" field will be auto-populated (no more typing!).  You can also flag players as MVP for the fixture (more than one player can be awarded MVP).

Example 1: Netball Result Editor


Example 2: Rugby Union Result Editor


MVPs are only visible to users when logged into your SOCS control panel.  They are not shown on the Sports Website for parents and pupils.

Once saved, the scorers along with the MPV(s) will be shown in the Fixture & Result Editor Screen (example 3 screenshot below).

Example 3: Fixture & Result Editor showing scorers and MVP


Throughout the season you can keep track of who is scoring and playing for teams using the "Playing Statistics" section (Playing Statistics link in the left hand menu of the SOCS control panel).  When you are viewing the playing record for teams, the link in the right hand column now takes you to the Player Stats report for that team (See example 4 & 5 screenshots below). 

Example 4: Team Playing Statistics with new link to Player Stats


Example 5: Player Stats for a team


The Results Summary export (Results Summary from the left hand menu of the SOCS control panel) also shows the scorers and MVPs for each fixture.

Example 6: Results Summary export showing scorers and MVPs