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Competition Builder - Setting Up Phase 2 and Phase 3 Groups

If, during your competition, there is a progression from an initial group stage to a second group stage, then you will need to create Phase 2 Groups and add the fixtures.  The steps to do this are below.  Note: these instructions also apply if you need to setup Phase 3.


Once the Phase 1 Groups rankings have been resolved, setting up the Phase 2 groups and adding the fixtures is straightforward and normally takes a few minutes (depending on the size of the competition).  If you plan to upload the results during the day then we strongly recommend appointing someone who is dedicated to doing this and who is familiar with Competition Builder, the transition process from Phase 1 to Phase 2 (as well as Phase 2 to 3 if applicable) and these instructions.

Step 1. Login to your SOCS control panel, navigate to Competition Builder and then select the competition where there will be Phase 2 Groups.

Step 2. From the competition Builder control panel click the Add Groups button, as shown by the red arrow in the illustration below:

Step 3. The Draw Editor will then appear, which shows the Phase 1 Groups.  You should select Phase 2 Groups using the drop down list, as shown by the red arrow in the illustration below:

Step 4.  Then select the group name required, using the drop down listing shown in the illustration below:

Step 5. Select the teams for the group as shown in the illustration below and then save. Once saved the new group will appear in the Groups area of the screen.  Another Phase 2 group can then be assembled by repeating the process.

Note:  Teams appear listed in their respective Phase 1 groups, ranked by their Phase 1 league positions.  This helps with Phase 2 group selection.

Step 6. Once all the Phase 2 groups are created, navigate back to the Competition Builder Control Panel and select the Groups button.  If you then select a Phase 2 group using the drop down list you will be asked if you want to create the group fixtures.  Then follow the on screen instructions.