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Awarding Sports Colours

With this feature you can award half or full colours to any pupil for any sport. Players with colours are highlighted on team sheets as follows:

** = Full colours

* = Half Colours

Players awarded their colours are shown on:

o   Team Sheets

o   Today’s Teams

o   Print views and Exports to Word

Players with colours are not displayed via Team Sheet Builder when selecting players for a particular fixture.

Note: If the school has sports website customization then any player’s name with half or full colours can also be highlighted in a colour of your choosing – for example see the screen shot below:

Award Colours

How to Award Colours:

  1. Only Main Sports Users are able to award, edit and remove colours.
  2. To award a pupil their colours, first login to your SOCS control panel and navigate to “School Settings > Award Sports Colours” in the main menu, as shown in the screen shot below. Note: This menu option is only available to Main Sports Users


Award Colours


  1. The next step is to find the pupil(s). From the Award Sports Colours page you can either list pupils by year group, or by sport or by searching for their surname as shown below:

Award Colours

  1. Then select a pupil and use the “+ Add” button to award their colours for one or more sports.
  2. To edit a pupil with colours click the edit button next to each colour. You can then either upgrade from half to full colours or remove them if necessary.