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Team Sheet Builder Overview

Never type a team sheet ever again! 

With Team Sheet Builder you get another time saving tool to help produce and publish team sheets and weekly sports programmes. The sports programme can also synchronize with your personal calendar on mobile or desktop devices (using iCal).

Team Sheet Builder Overview

To get started with Team Sheet Builder the school must have SOCS Sport.  You will also need to send through your pupil data - we will send you the instructions.

On receipt we upload your pupil list and switch on all the Team Sheet Builder functions in your SOCS control panel.  We’ve uploaded thousands of pupils recently from schools such as: Wilmslow High School, Millfield School, Cheltenham College, Woodcote High School, Chelsea Academy, St Mary’s Calne, Warwick School, Loughborough Grammar School, and Whitgift School, to name only a few.

Once Team Sheet Builder is switched on you can login to your SOCS control panel, create or select a fixture and then use the Team Sheet Builder editor to select players from respective year group pick lists and from previously selected player lists, rather than having to manually create Word or other document formats and re-key every time.

Once pupils have been selected for a particular team they are available for selection for subsequent matches. The latest selected team is also available if you only need to make a few changes and players can be rapidly re-arranged into their respective positions using “drag and drop” with your mouse.

Team sheets can also be prepared in advance and then published on the day that team selection is to be announced. Team sheets can include special instructions, such as transport arrangements, team meeting and return times or more venue details, and these can published to your dedicated sports website, emailed to parents and downloaded and printed for school notice boards.

Team Sheet Builder also provides access to:

  • Sports Programme, which provides an overview of what's on over any selected date range and everything is editable on a single web page to provide complete control of your sports programme.
  • iCal Calendar Synchronization - more instructions can be found online here >>>
  • Pupil Participation Statistics, which is useful for end-of-year reports.
  • Sport, Team and individual Performance reports, useful for overall and end-of-year reporting.
  • Today’s Teams, which can be synchronized with the Big Screen module to auto-scroll on large screens in sports halls and reception areas.

Full instructions for Team Sheet Builder are available to download from the SOCS control panel.

To order Team Sheet Builder send an email to  

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