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Competition Builder - Knockout Grid Editor

Each of the Knockout Grid Editor functions are described below.

Important (please read carefully)

By design the Knockout Grid Editor does not automatically populate the first round of the knock out grid with the pool, group or league winners or runners up. This applies to competitions that have a transition from pools, groups or leagues to a play-off or knockout.

For one day competitions, the timings for each match in a knockout grid can only be added once the teams have been uploaded into the first round. 

For competitions taking place over a season, matches are added to each rounds using the respective round play-by-date (or week commencing date) and the kick off time and venue will be set to "tbc", Schools using SOCS Sport and Competition organizers using the Competition Builder module can add the actual match dates, venues and kick off times when agreed with their opposition.

By having the capability to setup the first round manually provides full control to cater for all the exceptions that can happen when a competition is full swing, such as team withdrawals due to injury or disqualifications etc.

The knockout grid automatically shows the winner of each match in the next round and because you also have complete control over the setup of the knockout grid you must ensure that the first round winners go through to meet the correct opponents in the next round.   

For example the winner of quarter final 1 will always play the winner of quarter final 2 in semi-final 1 and the winner of quarter final 3 will always play the winner of quarter final 4 in semi-final 2.  The knockout grid will not allow the winner of quarter final 1 to play the winner of quarter final 3.  Whilst this might sound obvious it is important to position the first round matches in the knockout grid correctly.

If you accidentally position teams in the wrong grid positions then we recommend editing each match (button 5) and deleting the fixtures using the delete fixture button.  Once the fixtures have been deleted you should create each match again in their correct grid positions.

The Knockout Grid Editor Screen

1. Use this button to return to the main Competition Builder control panel

2. Use these buttons to navigate to and from the setup, the draw and playing schedule.

3. Competition Builder's Knockout Grid Editor can cater for up to 10 grids for the same competition dependent on the setup and format required.  For example you could have Cup, Plate, Vase, Shield.  Once multiple grids have been setup you can change from Knockout Grid to Knockout Grid by using the drop down box as shown in the screen shot below:

Knockout Grid Selection


4. The buttons adjacent to each round in the knockout Grid can be used to setup the play-by-dates, match type and respective round headings.

5. These are the main fixture and result editor button for each match at the respective grid position.

6. This button is used to create and confirm the fixture at the respective grid position. Once a fixture is confirmed the button changes to that described in 5 above.

Important:  When creating a fixture Competition Builder will identify if any fixtures already exist in the fixture listings of the two schools selected.  If existing fixtures are found then you will be given the option to add any existing fixture or to add a new fixture.

7. Used to quickly review each teams fixtures and results.

8. These are the round and match reference numbers. Also shown are the kick off time and whether a pitch has been assigned.  These will be red if no start time or location are assigned.