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Team Sheet Builder - Editor

To access the Team Sheet Builder Editor first launch the Fixture & Result Editor from your Sports Programme or individual team's fixtures & results listings and then select the Team Sheet Editor button (10) in the Fixture & Result Editor (see screen shot).

Fixture and Result Editor


The screen shot below shows the main features of the Team Sheet Editor, with a description of each below.

Team Sheet Editor

  1. This area shows the fixture details.
  2. This areas is where additional fixture details can be added or edited.
  3. Previously selected players and pupils in their respective year groups appear in this area.
  4. Selected players appear in this area.
  5. Tick the boxes to publish the team on your sports website or to display the Share My Team links (these are for Twitter, Facebook and email).  Note: Team sheets can be saved and then published later.  Unpublished team sheets have red links, whereas pubished team sheet are blue.