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Help Topics / Using Team Sheet Builder
Team Sheet Builder - First Use

1. Pupil Names. Names appear in team sheets via your sports website with known name and surname by default. If you wish to change this setting to show initials and surname then please inform us. To assist team selection and player identification the full name (known name and surname), will always appear when your sports users are logged in to their SOCS control panel.

2. Year Groups. To ensure the selection of your teams at the correct age level Team Sheet Builder follows the convention shown below:

Year Groups

3. Getting Started:

Step 1. Login to your SOCS control Panel. NB. Ensure you have added at least one sport, team and fixture.

Step 2. Go to your chosen sport and team via the Sports & Teams, Fixtures & Results menu option.

Step 3. For each fixture you can use the usual Fixture & Result Editor where you will now see the + Add Team Sheet button. See screen shot 1 below.

Team Sheet Builder button


  • For your very first team sheet you should select the appropriate year group and then click a pupil to select them for your team.
  • See a description of the Team Sheet Editor screen here >>>
  • For your second and subsequent team sheets (for the same team and age level) you will see that the previously selected team is automatically selected. You or your sports users can then make adjustments from the previously selected players list or select pupils from the “Year Group” listings, which appear underneath the list of previously selected players.
  • Use “drag and drop” with your mouse if you need to alter the positions in the team sheet.
  • You can choose to publish your team sheet immediately and then save or you can save and return to the Team Sheet Builder to publish the team sheet later.  For instance if you want to make a special team selection announcement at a particular time/date.