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Competition Microsites and Competition Builder Overview

A great focal point for your competition.

If your school uses SOCS and you organize a competition involving other schools, such as your annual basketball, netball or rugby tournament, or you organize a County Cup or Area League, a Competition Microsite would be the perfect solution helping to keep everyone informed. Competition Microsites are also automatically linked to the dedicated sports website of all participating schools with SOCS.  Once a Competition Microsite has been setup you can manage the content and upload photos, documents and results using the Competition Builder module, directly from your SOCS control panel.


  • Competition Microsites are suitable for team sports, but not for individual or multi-event sports such as Squash, Athletics, Tennis, Swimming or Rowing.
  • A Competition Microsite supports multiple age levels and one sport
  • Important Note: You cannot have a mixture of Rugby 15s, Rugby Sevens and Rugby Tens or Hockey and Hockey 7s supported by one Competition Microsite.  In this case you would either need two or more Competition Microsites or a SOCS sport hub.

We've covered hundreds of Competition Microsites for various sports and age levels.  See them all here >>>

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If you decide to go ahead then see the "getting started" instructions here >>> 

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