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Competition Microsites - How do I get started?


  • Competition Microsites are suitable for team sports, but not for individual or multi-event sports such as Squash, Athletics, Tennis, Swimming or Rowing.
  • A Competition Microsite supports multiple age levels and one sport.  You cannot have a mixture of Rugby Sevens and Rugby Tens in one Competition Microsite.  In this case you would either need two Competition Microsites or a SOCS sport hub.

What We Do

  • We setup the Competition Microsite and we upload the participating teams and playing schedule for you.
  • Once the initial setup is complete we provide you with the address of the Competition Microsite and we switch on the Competition Builder module and give you access to it. The Competition Builder module is the content management system for the Competition Microsite.
  • The initial setup of the Competition Microsite can be fairly complex depending on the format of the competition, but providing we get the information requested (see below) we can generally setup an entire Competition Microsite in a day or two.
  • Before the competition gets underway we can also amend the participation and playing schedule to cater for changes to the draw and any last minute changes to the playing schedule.
  • If a competition is cancelled we can place a notice on the Competition Microsite to help spread the message and reduce the risk of supporters and participants travelling unduly.

What You Do

  • You create the competition – the format, the participation, the playing schedule and the programme. 
  • You send the details of the competition to us - see below.
  • Once the initial setup of the Competition Microsite is complete you will be given access to the Competition Builder module (via your SOCS control panel) you can then upload the results and any action photos during the competition or afterwards.
  • You can also upload important documents to the Competition Microsite such as the competition rules.
  • We ask that you agree to include the address of the Competition Microsite(s) when communicating to the participating schools, staff, parents and players. If the competition has a printed programme or leaflet then you also agree to include our usual advert, although we do appreciate that some smaller competitions do not print a programme.  We also ask that you upload the results using the Competition Builder module, which we will switch on for you and anyone else you nominate (providing they have a SOCS user account).


  • Area. For competitions organized by area sporting bodies (NGBs, County, District and Regional sporting bodies etc), the annual license per Competition Microsite is dependent on the size of the competition. For a quote contact
  • Schools. For competitions organized by Schools, the annual license per Competition Microsite is £58+vat with a supplement of £3+vat per participating team.

There are also the following options:

Option 1. You pay the above license fee and the participating team supplement.

Option 2. We would sponsor the competition and waiver the license fee. This would include becoming the title sponsor for the competition. The total cost would then be solely based on participation at £3+vat per team.

Option 3. We set up a SOCS Sport hub for you. An unlimited number of Competition Microsites can be supported by the SOCS Sport hub, with 10 Competition Microsite licenses included in the SOCS Sport hub pricing. Competition setup and support would be based on £3+vat per participating team.  More details about the SOCS sport hub can be found here >>> 

Getting Started

If the above is acceptable and to start the process let us know which pricing option you want and send the following details by email to:

  • The overall title of the competition.
  • The name and contact details of the organizer.
  • The sport being played. Ensure to specify the sport variation such as Rugby, Rugby Sevens, Football, Football Sixes, Hockey, Hockey Sevens, Cricket Sixes etc.
  • The format of the competition e.g. knockout or league or groups/leagues leading to knockout. Note:  A Competition Microsite can cater for several different formats for the same age level. For example “U14 Football League”, U14 Football Cup Knockout
  • The start time and date of the competition.
  • The end time and date of the competition.
  • If the competition is a knockout and occurs through the season then send the play-by dates for each round and the date of the final (or an approximate date if this has not be confirmed).
  • The age level(s) involved. We can include all age levels under one Competition Microsite providing they are all playing the same sport.
  • The competition logo. If the competition does not have a logo then we can use a school's crest or county crest or similar.
  • 4 or 5 action photos from this or previous seasons, which will appear on the welcome page of your competition microsite (photos are not essential for the initial setup – but preferred).  These photos would not change from year to year and are intended to provide a “flavour” of the competition.  Whereas action photographs can be uploaded to the Competition Microsite photo gallery year on year.
  • The list of participating schools and teams at each age level. If this is not available it can be provided closer to the competition date. Note: Links to your Competition Microsite will appear automatically in the sports websites of participating schools (providing they have SOCS).
  • If your sports map on your sports website is up-to-date then we can publish the competition map and include the pitches that will be used for the competition, along with parking for minibus and cars. If not then we will position pitch markers on the map and you can advise during the initial setup if the locations need to be adjusted.
  • The draw, playing schedule and pitch allocations. Not essential for setup and can be provided when known.
  • If the competition has a printed programme of leaflet then let us know the specifications (height and width, A4, A5 etc) and we will send you our advert.