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SOCS co-curricular: Adding Resources to Events

This help page explains how to add resources to co-curricular events and then track which students have accessed the content. Please follow the instructions below.


1. Log in to SOCS co-curricular 

2. Select Active Activities in the left menu 

3. Open the scheduled events for a club by clicking the timetable icon - see the screenshot below


4. Click Resources next to an event to add a document or link to an external resource (document/video that might be in your VLE or online for example)

Note: If resources have already been added to an event, the number of resources will appear next to each event.


5. You then have the option to add a document upload or a link to an external resource.

NoteThe resource link will only work if the staff member is logged in OR if the pupil/parent are logged in and it is has been published.


6. Staff can choose to show the document in the pupil/parent area. To do this, tick "Publish for Pupils & Parents". Click "Add a file" to add the document.

Event Register

If an event has resources added to it, they are shown in the event details on the register.

The column with the resource file icon will indicate if a pupil/parent has viewed the resource. If the icon is red then the pupil/parent has not viewed it. If the icon is green then the pupil OR parent has viewed at least one of the resources. If you hover your mouse over the details you can see the detail of who has seen what and when they first viewed it.


Pupil/Parent View

If the co-curricular event has had a resource added, there will be a "Resources" link which appears next to the event.

Click the resources link to go to the list of resources for the event.

Resource link in grid view calendar:

Viewing a resource will log the date the resource was first viewed and whether it is the pupil or parent viewing it. This sets the resources icon to green for staff to see on the event register for that pupil that has viewed the resources added.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email