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Where do I Login?
Linking Fixture Lists to Personal Calendars (e.g. Outlook, iPad, Blackberry)
Removing Fixtures Lists from your Calendar
How to Access Password Protected Team Sheets
How do I change the team level of my opponent once I have uploaded a fixture?
SOCS sport - Integration with Twitter
Competition Microsites - How do I get started?
How and when can I start setting up my teams for next season?
How do I change my password or registered email address?
How many user accounts can be setup?
Can the School have more than one Main account holder?
How do I become a Main SOCS account holder?
How do I add a new user account
How do I disable or delete a user account?
What's the difference between the Main account holder and a normal user account ?
How do I remove a fixture request that has been filled?
When I visited my sports website for the first time I could already see several sports, teams and fixtures. How did they get there?
My school attends a lot of competitions can we add these to our fixture lists?
How do I delete a sport or a team?
How do I delete a fixture?
How do I edit a block fixture?
How do I add a map marker to my sports map?
What's the difference between fixtures, events and competitions when adding these to my sports calendar?
How can I get Team Sheet Builder?
How can I get Team Training Planner?
I can't find a sport that we play - can I add it to the list?
We take part in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Competitions with many schools (triangular matches etc.). How can I enter the fixtures and the results for these?
Can I add the names of the positions to my Team Sheets?
What screen resolution do I need for Big Screen?
How do I edit an existing contact or add a new contact for sport?
How can I quickly setup my sports and teams for next year?
How do I change my school crest?
How many action photographs can I upload?
How do I upload my team's photograph?
How can I export or print a team sheet?
Pricing and How to Order
How do I link my sports website to my school website?