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SOCS: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures

This section explains how SOCS can help during the coronavirus lockdown and school closures. This is also an important time to get ahead for the next academic year.

How SOCS can Help During the Coronavirus Lockdown and School Closures *New Features*

Many schools are already using SOCS co-curricular to manage their Key Worker Bookings during the school closures and allows parents to sign-up to sessions/days they need support and includes registration of the pupils involved. See more information here.

You can also use SOCS to run your co-curricular provision remotely by uploading content to your co-curricular events and track who has accessed it! See more information here.

Please follow the links below to see how your school can get the most out of SOCS during the school closures.