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SOCS co-curricular: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of SOCS during the school closures and how to get ahead for the next academic year.

  • *New Feature* SOCS co-curricular can help you manage Key Worker Bookings during the school closures and allows parents to sign-up to sessions/days they need support and includes registration of the pupils involved.  See more information here: SOCS co-curricular - Key Worker Bookings
  • *New Feature* We have launched a new feature that will allow you to share co-curricular resources with your students and then track if they have accessed the information. To do this simply set up your co-curricular programme in the usual way. You can then upload the resources you need for the event. These can be links, videos, images and documents or a combination. When a student has accessed the resources it will display next to their name on the register.
  • Quickly and easily setup your activity programme for next academic year. Click here for more information: SOCS co-curricular Termly Setup

Important note: If the 2020/2021 academic year doesn’t appear to be available in your SOCS control panel, make sure that a main account holder has added next year’s term dates using the Term Date Editor. More information about this can be found here: SOCS co-curricular - Term Dates Editor

  • Now might be a good time to setup integration with your school’s MIS (if the school haven’t set this up already). Updating pupil and staff data can be done at the click of a button. Get in touch with and more information about synchronizing SOCS with your MIS can be found here: Synchronize SOCS Pupil and Staff Data with your MIS