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SOCS calendar: Keep Ahead and Get the Most out of SOCS during the School Closures

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of SOCS during the school closures and how to keep ahead for the next academic year.

  • Get ready for the next academic year and use the Annual Calendar Setup feature in SOCS. Click here for more information: Annual Calendar Setup
  • Get your printed calendar export ready for next term/next year. SOCS offers some great templates to produce a calendar to send to your printers at the end of the term/year. More information can be found here: SOCS Printed Calendar Export
  • SOCS main account holders can maintain the staff user accounts at the school and check that their users have access to SOCS and their login stats: Click here for more information: Creating and Managing SOCS calendar Users
  • Keep your parents, pupils and staff up to date and easily edit and delete recurring calendar events. Click here for more information: SOCS calendar: Editing/Deleting Recurring event
  • If you have the standard SOCS calendar website design, now might be a good time to give your SOCS calendar website a refresh. We offer a “Website Editor” that allows you to add a flavour of your school’s branding onto the standard sport website. Included in the Website Editor is the functionality to:
  • Add your school’s primary colours
  • Update the logo/crest
  • Adjust the menu position
  • Remove menu items
  • Add or update the slideshow of photographs

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