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SOCS co-curricular: Key Workers Bookings

This help page outlines how to arrange your Key Worker programme and collect booking information from “Key Worker” parents that need to use the school for the remainder of this term and the summer term. This can be done quickly and easily in SOCS co-curricular by simply:

  • Setting up a Key Worker activity for each day
  • Restricting the club so it is only visible to parents that are key workers
  • Invite the parents to login and select which days they will need.
  • SOCS will then create the register and allow you to communicate directly to the group of parents via email and through the SOCS WebApp. For more information, please get in touch with

To set up a Key Worker booking system please follow the detailed instructions below:

1. A SOCS co-curricular Main Account Holder will need to set up a new category in the Activities Master List (this could be called something like “Key Worker Bookings”)

2. Create a Club within that category called “Key Worker Register”. You have two options to suit different situations:

  • You can either set up a single club that all parents can sign up to (this would give you a single daily register for all students)
  • OR you can set up multiple clubs, e.g. “Key Worker Register Year 10”, “Key Worker Register Year 11” etc. This will give you daily registers split by year group. You can be as granular as you need.

3. Switch the club on for the relevant terms (Easter/Spring and Summer)

4. In the Active Activities List ensure you change the club rules to not “always use the same students for every event (see the associated help on this rule here: )

5. Specify which students the club is available to:

6. Schedule the club in the usual way. Typically this will be a daily register, but you could create an AM and a PM register if desired.

NOTE: You might need to adjust your term dates if the bookings are offered over the holidays: Term Date Editor

7. Open the Sign Up Window so that key worker parents can log in and sign up to the club. They can book onto each available session. Note: this club will only appear to the parents that you have designated as Key Workers (see step 5). You can switch clubs off in the "Pupil Sign Up Window" settings if you do not want Key Workers to view any other activities. You do not need to switch the clubs off in the Master List.

8. This creates a register for you in the usual way 

Please contact if you need support throughout this process and we are happy to help.