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SOCS Printed Calendar Export

The printed school calendar export is designed to export data from your SOCS calendar in a format to send to your calendar printers. Please see the steps below for instructions how to do this. 

1. Log in to SOCS and click 'SOCS administrator'


2. Click 'Calendar Export'


3. Select 'Option 3: Export for the Printed School Calendar'

4. You can now select the options required for your printed calendar. You also have the option to set the display options to one of the example templates (A4 or A5 size). This will automatically populate the data fields.

Please be aware that the ‘Export from date’ should be the first day of the week.

You can also tick 'Save above settings' to store the export options for the next time you need to run an export.

Click 'Export to Word' then click the 'Export Link', ensuring to save the file. You can then open your printed school calendar in Word.