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SOCS calendar: Annual Calendar Setup

The Annual Calendar Setup allows you to quickly copy events one month at a time.  This process is designed to speed up the creation of termly/annual calendars where the same events occur each term/year, but not in a recurring pattern (not a recurring event).
The Annual Calendar Setup is only available to calendar users who have “Publisher” access.
To access the Annual Calendar Setup:
Login to SOCS and navigate to SOCS calendar > Annual Calendar Setup (top right)
To copy events:
  1. Select the month which you would like to copy events from
  2. You will see the event list for the selected month with the original start date and a field to enter the new start date in the right hand columns.
  3. The system auto-populates the new date with the same weekday in the same week for the following year.  You can edit this by clicking in the date field and selecting the required date.
  4. If you do not want to copy an event, un-tick the "Copy" checkbox for that event. If you then decide to copy the event you can re-tick the "Copy" checkbox for that event.
  5. If you only need to copy a small number of events from the list, you can use the "Clear All" button at the top of the "Copy" checkbox column.  This will un-tick all checkboxes.
  6. Click the "Save & Copy Events" button at the bottom of the list and all events with the "Copy" checkbox ticked and a date added in the yellow column will be copied to the new date.
  7. You will then be shown all of the events that were copied.  You can edit and delete the new events as necessary.
  8. Once you are happy with the copied events, click “”Back to Annual Calendar Setup” at the top to return to the Setup page.  You will now see a new dropdown box top right allowing you to view previously copied events, organized by the date and time they were copied. You will also see that any events in the event list for the month have a green tick in the “Copied” column.  You can still copy those events again if necessary by clicking the “Copy” checkbox and entering a new date.

  • Events will be copied as unapproved and unpublished events.
  • Events will be copied with the same timings, location and other details.
  • Events spanning multiple days will be copied with the same date span from the new start date entered.
  • For recurring events, only the single instance of the event will be copied.
  • Events are copied with the same "Added By" user details as when they were originally added. When they are copied, you will also be able to see who copied the events.