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Adding Fixtures & Results

Adding Fixtures & Results

When you have added your sports and teams for the current season, you can add fixtures for each team.

Once fixtures have been added you can use the Fixture & Result Editor to make changes, insert a report, add action photos etc.

The Fixture & Result Editor is described in more detail here >>>

  • Fixtures can be inserted into a team's Fixtures & Results listing at any time.
  • Fixtures will always be inserted in KO Time and Match Date order.
  • Results cannot be uploaded until the day of the fixture.
  • The SOCS sport CMS checks to see if a team and fixture already exists in yours and your opponent's listings and under most conditions will provide a warning that a duplicate fixture exists. You can override the warning and elect to add a duplicate fixture, if for instance your team is playing the same opponent several times on the same day as might be the case in a competition. Duplicates fixtures can sometimes occur due to date or venue changes or simply because they have been added accidentally twice or three times (!!!) in which case you should delete any duplicate fixtures you find.


  • Sports, teams, fixtures and results can be added from previous seasons. This adds additional interest to your dedicated sports website as your followers can quickly see a team's past playing record against your opponents with a single mouse click.


  • To save time, you can add block fixtures. This is a fixture where multiple teams play the same opponent school on the same date. Also see editing a block fixture >>>


  • When you add a new single fixture or a new block of fixtures you have two options:

Option 1. To save time finding opponents and uploading fixtures the control panel stores a list of your previous opponents in alphabetical order. Use this option to quickly select an opponent you have played against previously.

Option 2. With this option you can find a new opponent. All fixtures you create against a new opponent will be available in your previous opponent listings (Option 1) the next time you insert a fixture.

Search Tips:

If you are searching for a new opponent (via Option 2) and the name of your opponent cannot be found try the same search prefixed with "The" or use "RGS" for Royal Grammar School or "QEGS" for Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. All occurrences of "Saint" have been shortened to "St" (with no full stop after St). Also try searching for letters that occur in the middle of a name rather than at the beginning.

If you still cannot find your opponent type the letters "tbc" into the Option 2 search box. When you then click the search button this overrides the search and indicates that your opponent is to be confirmed. When the usual fixture screen appears simply replace the letters tbc with the name of your opponent. This is useful if your school is playing a non-school team such as a sports club team or if there are several schools taking part in the fixture - such as a swimming gala, athletics triangular or cross country race.

There are more than 25,000 schools listed and searchable in SOCS sport. If you can't find a school then notify us via email we will add it to the listings. If possible please provide the address or postcode of the school to be added.

When adding a fixture against a new opponent you will find that their sports map and a link to their website is automatically inserted into your Opponent Maps & Links section on your sports website.

When adding a fixture using the Fixture & Result Editor you cannot select a date from a different season. This is to prevent accidental errors, such as adding this season’s fixtures to last season’s teams.

A new school year + 1 is added to the system on 1st August every year. i.e. on 1 August 2012 the 2013/14 school year is added, the 2012/13 school year becomes the default school year and the 2011/12 school year is available via select a season along with all previous seasons (or school years). This ensures schools can plan fixtures and competitions up to two years ahead. See also the following FAQ:

How and when can I start setting up my teams for next season?
How can I quickly setup my sports and teams for next year?

Adjacent to each fixture you will see the Editor button. Click this to access the Fixture & Result Editor, which is used to edit fixtures, insert results and add match reports. If the school uses Team Sheet Builder additional features are enabled to allow the selection of players for the fixture and the ability to track pupil participation and performance.

The Fixture & Result Editor can also be used to insert a Preview Report for upcoming fixtures, perhaps to announce the team or to provide more details about the venue, or to announce meeting times and transport details.

When a match is over use the Fixture & Result Editor to include the result as well as a Match Report, perhaps to acknowledge an outstanding performance or to add more details about the result. 10 action photographs per fixture can also be uploaded. NB. When writing long match reports ensure to do this in a desktop application, such as your Word processor, and then use copy and paste. This will prevent loss of work due to a system time-outs when saving.

When a fixture is saved against a listed opponent the 'magnifying glass' Spy Opponent link will appear in your team's Fixtures & Results listings. Click this to see your opponent's playing record for the selected season.

If a team has played against an opponent in previous seasons the playing record Playing Record link will appear automatically when a fixture is saved. Click this to see your playing record.

For more details about adding and editing fixtures, events or competitions see the FAQ here:

My school attends a lot of competitions can we add these to our fixture lists?
What's the difference between a fixture, an event or a competition when adding these to the calendar?

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