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The SOCS Modules




School Calendar, Co-Curricular and Sports communication systems. Discover why the world's leading schools use SOCS.

Choose from a variety of modules to strengthen your existing management information system and school website, or replace them completely.

SOCS is browser and cloud based with no hardware to maintain helping to reduce total cost of ownership.

With SOCS your staff, parents and pupils share the same information and everyone is kept informed about what's on where and when from any device connected to the internet.

SOCS calendar

  • Dedicated Calendar Website

  • Calendar Website Customization

  • Differentiated User Access Levels

  • Event Approval and Publishing Workflow

  • Bespoke Printed Calendar Export

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SOCS co-curricular

  • Co-Curricular Calendar

  • Big Screen - Co-Curricular

  • Pupil & Parent Webapp

  • Co-Curricular Clubs & Activities

  • Activity Sign-Up

  • Event Registration

  • Registration Webapp

  • Clash Management

  • Trip Planning

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SOCS sport

  • Dedicated Sports Website

  • Sports Website Customization

  • Sports Calendar

  • Team Sheet Builder

  • Team Training Planner

  • Competition Builder

  • On Tour

  • Big Screen - Sports

  • Sports Map Plotter

  • Mobile Webapp + Live Scores

  • Participation & Attendance Reporting

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