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Approving and Publishing Calendar Events

Events can be added to the SOCS calendar by Editors, Approvers and Publishers.  The SOCS calendar Approvers and Publishers then decide whether the events are to be approved or unapproved, published or unpublished.

Option 1: Edit the status of multiple events

SOCS calendar Approvers and Publishers have access to the Approve/Publish events tab when logged into the SOCS calendar. This provides an overview of the status of calendar events. 

To edit the status of a group of events, follow these steps:

  • Login to the SOCS calendar
  • Click on Approve/Publish Events.

  • Set the date range and select the event status in the drop down, from the list below.

• All Events
• Unapproved Events
• Approved, unpublished events
• Published events


  • You can also filter the Approve/Publish Events by calendar category.


  • Once the date range, event status, and the category have been selected, use the 'Check All' button to select all to approve all events.

 Option 2: Edit the status of each events individually

A SOCS calendar Approver or Publisher can set the status of calendar events to Approved/Published when they are creating events.  If the status of the event is undecided at the time of entry, or an Editor has added the event then the status of the event can be edited at a later date.

To edit the status of an event, follow these steps:

  • Login to the SOCS calendar
  • Select the date range for the events and the event status ("Unapproved Events" / "Approved, Unpublished Events" / "Published Events")

  • Select the Edit button next to the event.

  • Set the relevant status for the event by checking the Cancelled / Approved / Publish tick boxes.

If you would like to view these events in a different format, you can also export the Approve/Publish Events section of SOCS calendar to Excel.   In addition, you can also filter by category providing you with a more granular view of these events.