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Exporting the SOCS Calendar

Exporting the Calendar

To export information from the SOCS calendar follow these steps:

  • Select SOCS administrator on the SOCS control panel

  • Select Calendar Exports

  • Select Export Option 1: Export the Entire School Calendar or Option 2:  Select Parts of the Calendar to Export.

For both Export options the calendar can be exported in the following ways:

  • Export As Excel Spreadsheet
  • Export to Screen
  • Sync as iCalendar Feed (useful for integrating into staff calendars)
  • Export as Plugin (useful for creating calendar widgets)

More Information:

Integration with Staff Calendars: Sync as iCalendar Feed or Export as Plugin

Once you have created your school calendar, staff can log in and elect to synchronise the entire school calendar to their personal calendar (Option 1) or they can select parts of the school calendar  to sync with their personal calendars (Option 2).

Staff can select whether to sync to all "Published" events (the public facing school calendar) or to all "Approved" events (this includes both the internal staff and the external public facing events).

Any changes to the SOCS calendar will then update their personal calendars.

The calendar can also be exported as a plugin allowing calendar data to appear on another webpage.  Some schools have used this plugin to display a “sneak peek” of the calendar events on the homepage of their main school website.   You are provided with HTML which can be added to a web page and the plugin also requires you to add CSS. This is usually handled by the person responsible for the school website, web developer or IT department.