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Competition Builder - First Use Instructions

These guidelines cover the basics of the Competition Builder content management system. Here you will find:


The Competition Builder module is the Content Management System (CMS) for a Competition Microsite and the Competition Big Screen (for one or two day competitions). More information about Competition Microsites can be found here >>>

Once the Competition Builder module has been switched on it will be accessible via your SOCS control panel.

With Competition Builder you can make fixture date, start time and location changes and you can upload results during the competition or afterwards at your leisure. You can also change team kit and colours for any school not using SOCS.

Competition Builder does not support setup changes to the format of the competition, participating team withdrawals or replacement or swapping teams between groups.  If you need to make these changes then send them through to us. We can do these up to the last minute or during the competition!

We strongly recommend appointing someone to be responsible for uploading results and setting up Phase 2 knockout grids or groups.

Accessing Competition Builder:

To access the Competition Builder module, login to your SOCS control panel and from the main menu navigate to Competition Builder. 

If you have requested a Competition Microsite for your competition then it will be listed with buttons to click through to Competition Builder.

Click a Builder button shown by the red arrow in the screen shot below to go to your Competition Builder control panel.

Microsite and Editor Links


The Main Elements of Competition Builder:

The main elements of Competition Builder are shown in the screen shot below:

1. Return links to the FixturePRO control panel home page and your Competition List.

2. These are the main controls for the competition where you can change the overall setting, upload news, photos and documents or make change to the map. There is also a link to your Competition Microsite where you can review and check the content.

3. These are the controls for the respective age levels. To edit fixture dates, see Step 3 below.

Remember Features highlighted with a red asterisk * are under development and will be available soon.

Remember To change Team kit and colours click through on the Teams button.  Note: You can change the kit and colours of any school not using SOCS.

Competition Builder control panel

Leagues, Groups and Knockouts:

If your competition is a Knockout or has a transition phase from Groups to Knockout, then see the Knockout Grid Editor instructions here >>>

If your competition is a League or has several Groups then to edit dates, venues, kick off times and add results for each league or group fixture click the relevant button that appears for each age level under Fixtures & Results. The Editor will then appear (as shown in the example screen shot below).

Select the age level or group using the dop down, indicated by the red arrow in the screen shot.

Use any of the + edit buttons that appear between the teams to edit a fixture.

Remember When a result is added the editor buttons move to the right hand column. This helps spot any missing results as the competition progresses.

Remember You can select different groups or leagues via the drop down list indicated by the red arrow - see below.

Edit Competition Fixtures


Adding Results (Groups and Leagues):

  • Results can only be added on the day of a fixture (or competition if the competition is a one day competition).
  • Login to your SOCS control panel in the usual way here:( and navigate to the Competition Builder module as described above.
  • Select a Group or League, indicated by the red arrow above.
  • Select the appropriate + fixture & result editor button, indicated by the purple arrows above.
  • When a result is added the + fixture & result editor button is replaced with the score and it is relocated in the right hand column. This helps to rapidly spot missing results as the competition progresses.

Adding Results (Knockout Grids):

  • If your competition is a Knockout, or has a transition phase from Groups to Knockout, then see the Knockout Grid Editor instructions here >>>

Competition Map Plotter:

  • Pitch markers are added to the map during initial setup - fairly randomly if the pitch locations are not firm. All the matches are also geo-tagged to their respective pitch. To see these click through on the Map button in the main menu of the competition microsite or in Competition Builder and then click any of the "Schools playing here" links.  With the map plotter you can also add the location of visitor car and coach parking, which is always helpful for staff and parents new to the circuit.  You can also send through any changes needed and we will make the adjustments or you can edit the locations using the map plotter.

Note: If pitch map markers need relocating then ensure to edit them.  Do not add new pitch locations, otherwise any new pitch locations will not be pinned to the matches. If you need help with this then get in touch.

League / Group Points and Ranking:

Points.  The points system for a league or group stage is normally setup with the default settings: 3 points for a win, 1 points for a draw, 0 points for a loss. League Points can be adjusted by us if necessary.  Win and loss bonus points can also be catered for.

Ranking: The league or group ranking in Competition Microsites and sport portals is calculated automatically. The ranking is based on the following standard system and this cannot be changed: 

  1. If equal league or group points then greatest Goals or Points Difference (GD/PD) This identifies the team scoring the most and conceding the least, in other words the best team in attack and defence;
  2. If equal GD/PD then greatest Goals For or Points For (GD/PF). This identifies the best attacking team;
  3. If equal GD/PF then a local rule can be applied, such as coin toss or a penalty shoot-out etc.

Important Note:  A common misconception is to use the result of any two teams tied in the same position in a league table to decide which team is best, particularly the top two teams if they are tied on league points.  This is not strictly correct, as this result has already been taken into account when deciding the league points.

Teams Withdrawing and Changes:

If a team needs to be swapped for a replacement team then send the details to and we will make the changes.

If a team cannot be replaced and the entire format of the competition needs to be changed, as can sometimes happen, then send the revised draw and playing schedule to and we will make the changes.

If you have a “no show” on the day of the competition then you have the following options to withdraw a team:

  1. We can remove a team from the competition completely if you send an email to Let us know the age level, and team to remove and the name of their group, pool or league.
  2. You can add a standard result such as "1-0" or "10-0" etc.
  3. You can manually set a result to “w/o” (walkover) – see the illustration below. League points for a “win” are awarded to the team with the walkover and the team that has withdrawn receives league points for a “loss” and will be shown in the playing schedule as “w/d” . (This is the preferred option).

Duplicate Fixtures

Occassionally schools with SOCS will upload their own competition fixtures rather than editing the existing competition fixtures that already appear in their teams fixture listings.

This can cause problems and we therefore recommend that you inform participating schools using SOCS to edit their league/competition fixtures and NOT to add duplicate fixtures, as these will not be pinned to the playing schedules, league tables or knockout grids in the Competition Microsite. If they do accidentally upload duplicate fixtures, they should delete the duplicates they have added.

To reduce the risk of schools uploading their own competition fixtures we recommend sending the playing schedule to SOCS before sending it to the participating schools.

All competition fixtures appearing in the sports website of schools with SOCS are automatically linked to the Competition Microsite and these fixtures cannot be deleted using the Fixture & Result editor from the SOCS control panel. This is to prevent accidental deletion by Schools using SOCS.