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Choosing a domain name for your sports, calendar, school website, sport hub or competition microsite

The first and most important thing to do once your account has been setup is to choose a suitable domain name for your sports website, calendar website, school website, sport hub or competition microsite. This will ensure these websites are aligned to your school's identity, are more parent friendly and easier for everyone find. For SOCS sport and competition microsites the new domain name replaces the 'out-of-the-box' default address, which is created on first setup.

Selecting a New Domain Name

  • You can choose to have your own sports, calendar, school website, sport hub or competition microsite domain name with any (or all) of the usual domain name extensions such as, .com, .net, or .org.
  • Note we cannot register specialised domain names such as .sch or certain country domain names such as, or .uae.  In these cases we recommend the selection of a .com domain name.
  • If your school website's domain name is "" then for SOCS sport you might want to choose "" or for SOCS calendar you could have "" or similar.  If you need help choosing a domain name then get in touch with
  • Send your chosen domain name via email to On receipt we check the availability of your chosen domain name and we inform you when it is active. We will also inform you if the domain name has already been registered so that you can choose an alternative. 
  • Once processed a new domain names can take up to 48 hours to ripple across the internet and be available to everyone.

Existing Domain Name or Sub-Domain

  • You can also register an existing domain name on our servers or setup a sub-domain for your sports website. In this case get in touch with and we'll send you the setup instructions.


  • One domain name (or a 3rd party domain or sub-domain configured on our servers) is included in the SOCS sport site license, the SOCS calendar license and the SOCS website license.  If you need additional domain name extensions (such as .org, or .net) to protect your brand then get in touch with for the latest domain name pricing.

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